Next Meeting Info

Wednesday, August 22, 2018
10am – 2pm

Provident Credit Union
Oakland Airport Branch Community Room 8301 Edgewater Drive, Oakland

Guest Speaker Sundeep Kapur -
Sundeep is an educator focused on helping brands enhance consumer engagement.

Battling FinTech: The Future of Finance
A brainstorming session on ideal practices surrounding the effective use of data and collaboration. Our insight driven interactive workshop is based on actual experiences within and outside the industry. Practical, proven, and innovative ideas that will chart a clear path to your success.
It’s our meeting – what else do we want to talk about?

CUNA Mutual will be on hand and providing lunch.
Any specific topic you’d like to discuss? Contact Chris Petro (

If you missed the last meeting, you missed a discussion about developing your mid management staff.

RSVP: Chris Petro or Olivia Collins, Executive Assistant at Solano First

CUENC Meetings:

Our networking group provides the opportunity for CEOs of credit unions in Northern California to meet quarterly to discuss relevant topics. The format is not sales based nor sponsored. We start with a topic, exchange best practices and discuss other hot topics of the day. CUENC meetings provide an opportunity for you to network and discuss issues with other CEOs in Northern California. Join us to collaborate and find new ways to better serve our members. Attendance adds value to the meetings so come and pass the word to other CEOs in our area. Lunch is provided by minimal member dues paid annually.

What value do you find coming to CUENC meetings?

Christine Petro, Reach FCU, Menlo Park

“I remember when my CU was too large to join the group now known as CUENC and I was SO jealous of the networking and information sharing that transpired. Now, as a member, I delight in the sometimes heated, always fervent discussions that take place at the meetings. I love being able to share and explore ideas with fellow CU CEOs, who know exactly what I’m going through and can always offer a helpful tidbit or more, even it’s just a different perspective than mine. Even if the meeting topic is of no apparent interest to me, I attend the meetings and never regret the time investment.”

Allan Ontai
former CEO Pacific Advantage FCU, Burlingame

“I was a founding member of the original group, CUBAEC. At the time, our reasons for organizing this group was to provide a forum for credit union CEO/Manages from the Bay Area (actually Northern California) small credit unions to meet and share ideas, concerns and other vital information that was vital to small credit unions. We also tried to pull together the assets of the group for purchasing power with some vendors. Throughout my time with the group (prior to my credit union merger), I looked forward to our quarterly meetings just so I could see and talk with other small credit union CEO/Managers to share my experiences and hopefully come back with something new. In these technologically changing times, I found this meeting very informative as I knew that there were other small credit union CEO/Mangers who had a more in debt knowledge of current IT and Social Media technology than I. I also enjoyed the social small talk with other CEO/Managers fun and a nice break from the every day stress of running a small credit union and encounters with the Federal and State regulators/examiners. That is what I found to be my takeaway from CUBAEC/CUENC.”

Carol Hauck, First U.S. Community CU, Sacramento

“I know I am not alone in saying that the best part of belonging to CUENC is networking with other credit union CEOs. This organization is based on the sense of community and sharing that the credit union movement was based. It is also helpful to stay up to date on current credit union industry topics and I can learn about other regions outside of Sacramento. While I am not always able to make the trip to attend every meeting, when I do, I am never disappointed and have an enjoyable and productive day with some great people.”

Shon Wellborn, Community CU, Garberville

“The relationships I have made through my association with CUENC have been invaluable to the success of our credit union. Networking has always been important to me, but never more so than when I moved to a remotely located credit union. When you have a group of CU professionals as close as an email or phone call your ability to know more, to do more, to access more, expands. I consider those meetings as collaboration with colleagues I both admire and respect.”

Patrick Redo, allU.S. CU, Salinas

“Your own private accessible group of consultants at the CUENC meeting willing to share their industry knowledge and experience!”

Diana Michaels, Western Healthcare FCU, Concord

“CUENC meetings are a rare opportunity to participate in meaningful discussions with your peers.”